How can You use our products?

LED Running Ribbon

The most popular type of LED ad is running tape. They are well suited for both outdoor and interior use. Running tapes perfectly fulfill the task of attracting attention and allow you to quickly convey simple messages to potential audiences. At the same time, you can pick up any size of the tape, making it an ideal substitute for the ordinary lightbox. LED Running Ribbon is the most affordable solution to attract the attention of your buyer.

LED screens for internal use.

Internal LED screen – Availability of information inside any room. Features of such led screens:

Provide high-quality video game: from sporting events, concerts, city holidays, meetings, festivals, conferences. Superior image quality is achieved thanks to its versatility and optimum brightness and contrast settings.

Confirmed reliability. The protection class is not much lower than that on the external screens – IP43. Lifetime is not less than 100 000 hours.

Creates a “highlight” in the design of the room. Very often a full-colored inner screen is an element of the decoration of the club, the concert venue.

Take a step towards proven innovations – buy full color LED screens from the best manufacturers at affordable prices.

LED digital citylight.

Studies have shown that a vibrant dynamic picture is perceived by people much better than an ordinary poster. This also applies to City Citylites. HYPERTRACK is glad to introduce you LED digital citylight.

It is presented in several variants: with one-way and two-way video surface. In the first variant on the second side you can place a standard poster. You can also install a sound system for multimedia content.

Due to its reliability and work in any weather, the LED citylight is positioned as an economically advantageous solution for advertising not only inside the premises, but also on the street.

Digital billboards.

The evolution of outdoor advertising primarily focused on billboards. Modern digital billboards promote products with vibrant and dynamic animation, video clips. The convenient LED screen management system allows you to adjust the duration of the advertising campaign, as well as adjust or change the video at any time of day or night using a remote setting. The brightness of the digital billboard is regulated depending on the time of day, which allows you to save significantly on electricity. Due to these, and not only, the priorities of digital billboards will increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign at times.


Quality control of the manufactured product is one of our top priorities. Quality control is carried out to verify the conformity of electronic products and services to world standards and technical requirements.

Quality control includes a complex of control operations performed at all stages of the production process – from quality control of the delivered components to the production of the final product.